My background as a "Certified Equipment Appraiser" and prior experience as a Vice President and Controller of severalwholesale, manufacturing and retail companies gives me a unique understanding of both sides of an appraisal and the values therein. 

Appraisers of manufactured inventory and products need to fully understand what is included in production costs, work-in-process and finished goods.

We have appraised, inventoried and liquidated all types of assets. From high technology laboratories to production machining lines and dot coms, our performance has been unsurpassed in the industry.

We have appraised, inventoried and liquidated millions of dollars in assets and conduct continual industry research and include the research in our appraisal. We work within the following industries:

  • Inventory Valuations

Wholesale and Retail

  • Industrial Machinery/Fabrication

  • Store Fixtures

  • High Technology Manufacturing

  • Waste Management & Hauling

  • Food Processing Equipment

  • Electronics & High Technology

  • Aerospace Industries

  • Aircraft & FAA Certified Companies

  • Computers & Dot Coms

  • Office Furniture & Equipment

Our background and expertise means that we can provide  clients with the most accurate and fair appraisal of equipment and inventories. Our  thorough calculation and actual auction and liquidation sales reflect our knowledge of both primary and secondary market research. 

Our unique finance and accounting background, gives you the highest level of service and the most accurate data, taking into account the latest development in ever-changing industries and we always take into effect the geographic location and local economic factors in our appraisals

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